Life In Slow Motion​/​Dayruiner Split

by Dayruiner/Life In Slow Motion

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Organized earlier this year, A split between the gloomy Life In Slow Motion and the angry cynics at Dayruiner
Split EP with Bath based gloomgaze project and very good friend, Life In Slow Motion. A collection of songs about schizophrenia, loneliness, manipulation, privilege, self-doubt, being shot in the face and cats.

Life In Slow Motion's side can be found at:

Life In Slow Motion songs written, recorded and mastered with the lights off in July 2013. Dayruiner songs written, recorded and mastered in Zak's bedroom over the summer.
Stay Rad 2013

Not Suitable for Vegetarians


released October 13, 2013

[18:35:07] njittie: give me a shoutout for cupping your collective balls

Dayruiner is:
Zak Glynn; Guitar/Vocals/Mandolin
William Hartley; Guitar/Vocals/Folk Instruments

Life In Slow Motion is:
Sunny Baglow; Everything



all rights reserved


Dayruiner Manchester, UK

Three piece Post-Folk Punk

Not suitable for vegetarians.

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Track Name: Dayruiner - Friendzone 2: Tokyo Drift
How did it taste?
when you took the red pill
absorbed in yourself
sick of paying the bill

misogynistic views
line your tounge
with delusions of
class and taste

Euphoric and contained
on a moral crusade
agaisnt anyone happier
than you

Chivarly is dead
but you've got direction
you'll open doors for girls
while hiding an erection

Knight in Shining Armour
but you're more likely to harm her
you emotionally mannipulative
little bitch

Trilby Wannabee
In your Fantasy
but with that attitude
it aint happening soon

Rant and rave all you want
but it's the truth
so stop being a dick
and wasting your youth

One day you'll wake up
and realise your a prick
but it could be too late
it could all be too late
Track Name: Dayruiner - Good For Health, Bad For Education
As Soon as you're back through the door
and it's the first topic of conversation
"get this form filled and posted"
"You must go on to further education"

Robotically forcing youth into debt
ignoring those who resist
attaching happiness to material wealth
stressing the kids out

You don't need money or a degree
to live along happily
they're trying to fill results charts
at the cost of your sanity

Grades do not equal wealth
Grades do not equal happiness
grades only equal to
your wasted years and time

Grades do not equal wealth
Grades do not equal happiness
grades only equal to
your wasted years and time
Track Name: Dayruiner - Stealth Bitch
You've not been outside your house for 16 days
and your social life has faded away
you being manipulated in every way
and now you've been lead astray

You eyes look tired
Your confidence is faint
those circles under your eyes
are growing darker every day

you're helpless, and hopeless you wanna help out the homeless
but you deleted those songs long ago
because they brought you to the realisation
that she's not the one for you